Conference Talks (12PM – 5PM 3rd of March)

Indiegame Studio Presence & Exposure Handbook – by Tariq Mukhttar (KSA)

Most independent game studios don’t realize that marketing your product starts from the very first day. With a few simple steps, you can greatly increase your studios and games visibility.

Defining a game of value – by Yusuf Buhadi (Kuwait)

Many are the games that have a specific mechanic and/or emotion at their core. Few are the games that have both, fewer are the games that have certain values at their center. This talk is about how I came to define the first game I made as a game of value.

How Game Engines Work – by Ameen Altajer (Bahrain)

Understand how game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine work under the hood, this talk is technical so make sure you’re already familiar and comfortable with programming in C++ or C#, not for the fainted-heart.

Action’s animations: it’s the other way around – by Mohammed Alarkobi (KSA)

Demonstrating the use of calling actions indirectly and the implementation of triggering action functions from animation clips, to achieve a more stable and accurate results.

Virtual Reality (VR) and achieving a solid emotional experience – by Mahmood Alsarhani and Noof Abdulla (Bahrain)

VR is a new big thing, to utilize it to achieve the most memorable emotional moments is the holy grail of game designers, focusing on the right things is something to know about from day one.

Methods to Reduce VR Sickness – by Layla Albabtain (KSA)

VR is a recently revived topic. During the 90s VR wasn’t popular because of technical limitations, prices and other issues. After its reintroduction, many of its technical limitations have been already resolved by the advances in VR and other technologies. However, VR Sickness still threats the spread of VR. Several solutions have been provided by Developers and Researches. In this Talk/Presentation, some of these solutions are discussed.

 Conference Panels (12PM – 5PM 3rd of March)

The game development situation of the GCC



Ameen Altajer

Yousif Buhazza

Dherar Alrashoud

Tariq Mukhttar


Check out what the community managers of the GCC have to say about their game development communities, they will speak about its current status, challenges and perks, definitely a go-to session if you know how the GCC stands around its peers.

The experience of establishing a game business



Ameen Altajer

Rakan Rakan

Saba Saleem


Did you know that Bahrain and the neighboring countries in the GCC have some amazing game studios and software houses that specialize in game development? Come see how they tackle the business setup and various subjects the happen on a daily basis, if you’re thinking about monetizing from game development then don’t miss this.

How government and educational institutes complete the game development circle



John Kilmartin

Christos Gatzoulis

Ahmed Janahi

Yousif Buhazza


Ever wanted to know how government and educational institutes have to offer to aspiring game developers? Then you must come and join this one, funding and guidance are part of what these parties are offering apart from other important things that every game developers needs in the beginning of their careers.

Gamers reception to local games and content



Rashed Mokdad

Baraa Abdulla

Eyad Alobaidly


Gamers of the middle-east have so many ideas and thoughts to share about local content, we’ll be accompanied by some amazing gaming gurus who share their experience on how local content is king in the road of making games here in the GCC, join this one and see how the GCC can hit strong.

Game Jam Awards (5PM – 6PM 3rd of March)

Game Showcases (6PM – 8PM 3rd of March)

Onsora Games (KSA)

Light Studios (KSA)

Happiest Dark Corner (KSA)

Bo Khashim (KSA)

Arkobi (KSA)

Osama Dorgam (KSA)

Regnum Studio (Bahrain)

The Stories Studios (Bahrain)

Abdulla Konash (KSA)

Player One (KSA)