1. Purpose of the competition

The purpose of organizing the Game Jam is to identify and introduce new talents among the IT and design community in Bahrain, the GCC countries and Arab partner countries, and allow participants to acquire valuable experience in game software development.

2. Event Organization

The Game Jam is organized by INFINITEWARE and Bahrain Polytechnic.

3. Event Regulations

The event will take place according to the schedule given in the following link: information for participants

3.1 – Who can participate?

Can participate:

– All GCC residents aged eighteen and above
– All Moroccan, Jordanian and Egyptian nationals residing in their home country, aged eighteen and above

Participants aged 15 to 18 from the above countries can participate, provided that their parents or legal guardians complete, sign and return the consent and approval form available here. The organizers reserve the right to contact the parents or legal guardians, before confirming the participants’ registration.

Please note that entry into Bahrain will be refused to anyone having an Israeli stamp on his or her passport.

It is the participants’ responsibilities to ensure that they have the required travel documents and can obtain a visa from the Bahraini authorities. Entry rules into Bahrain are available on

3.2 – Game Jam registration and teams

It is the organizers’ intention to allow participation to the greatest possible number of developers. However, the organizers reserve the right to refuse the registration of individuals or teams that clearly lack any expertise and experience in the required fields.

You can register your team or come solo and we will assign you in a team before the beginning of the competition. Teams can have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members. It is advised that you have a member with game content design knowledge.

Registration forms must be submitted no later than 1 week before the beginning of the competition. We will try to accommodate late teams, but we cannot guarantee that due to possible lack of space in the event area.

3.3 – Gam Jam rules

Games being developed during the competition must be relevant to the theme provided by the Game Jam organization team. The organizing committee will announce the theme of this year’s competition at the beginning of the competition. Games that are irrelevant to the theme will not be qualified for the awards. The organizing committee is responsible to decide whether a game is relevant to the theme provided or not. No appeals can be made on that decision.

You can use any game development tool, environment or software you wish and have legal access to. No pirate copies of software may be used in the competition.

Participants are not allowed to have been prepared prior to the actual event in terms of bringing an existing game under development. You must start your game from scratch at the beginning of the competition.

By participating in the competition you and any member of your team declare that no copyright violation will take place in the game development process and the final product. In the event of such an occurrence, the responsibility is exclusively on the developer and their team members, and not on the organizing body.

3.4 – Image Rights

All participants agree to allow the organizing body and other media to use material captured during the competition for dissemination and promotion purposes (for example, both electronic and physical copies of pictures/videos) and any other information provided by participants.

3.5 – Transport & Accommodation

Participants are responsible for arranging their own transport to and from the event venue. The same applies to all GCC participants travelling in Bahrain from their countries. Any team member can claim no travelling and/or accommodation expenses. A resting corner will be provided for participants who wish to stay in the venue for 24 hours continuous game development during the competition. If you wish to use this, you are advised to bring your sleeping bag, however, note that participants are not obliged to stay overnight and may go home and come back the next day to continue development

3.6 – Bahrain Polytechnic Regulations

While inside the Bahrain Polytechnic campus participants shall follow all rules stated by the institution.

3.7 – Agreement

By submitting a participation form, you agree on the above regulations. All minors participating in the event shall provide their parents or legal guardians with the above regulations in advance, which shall be signed by the parents or legal guardians.

Any questions regarding the above regulations should be directed to any member of the organizing committee (or any other official point of contact) well in advance and before the event take place, in order to allow enough time for a proper response. Such requests shall be email to

4. Evaluation Procedure

An evaluation committee will be set up comprising xx members with proven experience and track record in the gaming industry.

All games will be evaluated by each member of the evaluation committee based on their presentation and after being tested by a player.

The evaluation will be based on well-established criteria and playability heuristics. The combined results and committee’s recommendations will determine the final score and the scoring table. No appeals can be made against the scoring table or the voting results.

5. Award Ceremony

The awards will be given after the result of the evaluation procedure. Awards will be presented by sponsors and organizers.
The awards will be confirmed and detailed in this section.

6. Additional information

The organizing bodies maintain the right to amend the current regulations and timings, cancel the competition, providing the necessary update to all participants and covering media.

For any matter not stated here, the regulations and policies of Bahrain Polytechnic and the regulations and laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain shall prevail.