What is Game Jam?
Game Jam is a 3 day event for game developers to compete against each others.

Why a Game Jam?
A Game Jam is an ideal event for highlighting new talents, increasing public awareness and generating game development culture, bringing together game enthusiasts for entrepreneurial networking.

What is the purpose of the competition?
The purpose of organizing the Game Jam will be to highlight new talents among the IT community in GCCin and allow participants to acquire valuable experience in software development.

Who is the Organizer?
The Game Jam is organized by the School of ICT and Web Media of Bahrain Polytechnic, Red Stallion Interactive and Bahrain Game Developers.

Who can participate?
Participation eligibility criteria will be available on 19th of March 2015.

How to register?
Registration forms must be submitted 1 week before the beginning of the competition. We will try to accommodate late teams, but we cannot guarantee. For more information go to registration page.

How do you choose the WINNER?
• All games will be evaluated based on presentation and user game playing by each member of the committee.
• The committee will evaluate each game based on some playability heuristics.

What is the award?
• The awards will be given after the result of the evaluation procedure. Awards will be presented by sponsors and Bahrain Polytechnic staff.
• The awards will be confirmed and detailed in this section.