Why a game Jam?

Computer Games form an entertainment media for all ages and genders. Nowadays they are available not only for PCs and consoles, but also through mobile devices, making the gaming market expand rapidly. They alter the ways people communicate, interact, learn and work. Many of those people who play games have a dream of working as game developers. Moreover, following the software development cycle for game development is a fun, motivating and concrete practice for future developers of other disciplines.

A Game Jam is an ideal event for highlighting new talents, increasing public awareness and generating game development culture, bringing together game enthusiasts for entrepreneurial networking, and creating links between the industry and academia in the related field. It is also a great marketing event for organizing Institutions and participating individuals. Currently apart from national level, game jams are organized in different countries. There is a Global Game Jam running simultaneously in multiple countries and it is expected that 17,000 individuals will participate this year.


GCC Game Jam Logo

The official logo of the event was designed by Jenan Al Sadeq and Lulwa Yousif Alsabt. Jenan and Lulwa are studying Visual Design at Bahrain Polytechnic.

GCC Game Jam logo

Download the high-res image of the logo here


GCC Game Conference Logo

GCC Game Conference logo

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